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Battle Of Bacteria

Battle Of Bacteria


Project Summary

Pfizer wanted to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance by educating attendees at events and exhibitions, even the public via a series of international bus tours. We created an engaging video game, with an educational dimension. Based inside the human body, the user answers simple multiple-choice questions before they gain access to the game. The game included a live stream leader board for that country or event.


The challenge was to find a simple way of attracting people to a stand and stimulating dialogue on the topic of antimicrobial resistance. We wanted the game to be fun and to create a lasting impression that people would share.


The solution we created tapped into the competitive nature of the audience to answer as many questions as possible correctly. This gave them more time in the game to score as many points as possible and move higher up the leaderboard. The game section itself was a touchscreen experience requiring the player to tap the bacteria and avoid viruses. There were other bonus icons that would also give points multipliers and time extensions.

Proving popular with conference delegates, exhibition visitors, and promotional bus tours for the public, a further nine language versions were created, covering countries across Europe and the Middle East.

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