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Empowering Pharma Narratives in the Digital World

How We Work

There are three key values you can expect from us, every day, on every project, every time.

We’ll be:


We’ll take your complex challenges and bring clarity through great design and smart interactivity. Our communication with you will be crystal clear too.


We’ll create user-friendly communications and solutions that take account of real-world conditions. And we’ll be straight with you.


We’ll always aim high and to exceed your expectations. That’s a promise.

Let's Transform Healthcare Communication

Clients value our strong record of innovation. In an ever-changing landscape, our focus is on empowering you to get your message across in an engaging, medically accurate and memorable way.

Meet The Team

Find out more about the people you’ll be working with – they know their stuff and they live and breathe our team values.

Dave Ford
Managing Director

“Improved patient outcomes coupled with client satisfaction captures our value in a nutshell.”

Neil Ravenhill
Chief Medical Officer

“Starting as a client of LVC, now a partner in the company has been a journey inspired by the art of the possible. I want to ensure brand, franchise and corporate storytelling are grounded in science, fulfil a well-thought-out strategy, and provide audiences with what they need.”

Chris Sandiford
Market Access Specialist

“I make sure access is integral to any commercial strategy. You can expect me to be a critical friend but, more importantly, to roll up my sleeves and get things done. Being practical is a priority for me.”

Kelly Ennis
Business Development Manager

“The passion of our team is infectious; I thrive in the dynamic environment of our agency where every decision directly impacts the well-being of others, I am honoured to contribute to the delivery of healthcare excellence and ultimately, the improvement of lives.”

Do you want to join our team?

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Ellessia Donaghey
Head of Design Studio

“Designing a healthier world, one pixel at a time. As a graphic designer in the healthcare and pharma industry, I bring creativity and precision to visually communicate complex ideas with clarity. To ultimately, contribute to improving lives and advancing healthcare innovation.”

Sonia Sutradhar
Head of Project Management Office

“Working as a project manager in the healthcare industry is more than just a job—it’s a calling to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients, the efficiency of operations, and the future of healthcare delivery.”

Judith Fitchew
Office Manager

“I’m always amazed by the projects we deliver and the obvious impact they have on real patients and carers. I’m proud of the role I play in such an exciting and dynamic business.”

Bruce Ritchie
Commercial Consultant

“I strongly believe the best way to build persuasive brand communication is to create it with the active involvement of the intended audience.”

Team Values

We Trust

We’re confident in each other’s commitment, skills and expertise.

We Champion

We’re cheerleaders for each other and our work.

We Collaborate

Everyone has a say. And we respect each other’s opinions.