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Vaccine Impact Visualiser

Vaccine Impact Visualiser


Project Summary

The winter influenza season causes significant disruption to the NHS services every year. As technology moves forward, new vaccines have demonstrated that they are more effective for patients when considering differentials such as age, predisposed health conditions and ethnicity. The benefits of this can be lost in the huge swathes of data that captures the important messages to aid decision making.


Our client needed a solution to help in engaging NHS commissioners in understanding influenza as an underestimated threat and highlighting the benefits of using their vaccine to realise the benefits achievable. We did just that by identifying data sources and the messages they contained. Once this data had been analysed and adapted by our data scientist, we constructed a powerful tool culminating in a series of interactive dashboards that not only captured the impact felt by the NHS but allowed the intended audience to interact with the data to customise the potential reductions in cost and social impact.

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